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Matters of Life and Death
Matters of Life and Death

This guest blog was provided by David P. Mooney, Esq., of Hargrove Maden, LLP


Every day we work and plan to provide for our family. Would you memorialize a comprehensive plan to guide your family if you knew death or disability were imminent? Yet, knowing the risk, most of us have done nothing. The reason is understandable. Planning for death is unpleasant and planning for an untimely death or disability is depressing.  Although most of us have some insurance to cover the obvious financial burdens of death or disability, insurance alone does not address how to handle your affairs if you become unable to do so yourself.



The easy plan – do nothing.  But when death or disability comes, your loved ones and the Courts are left with the unpleasant tasks you left behind.  Lack of planning may cause uncertainty among your heirs concerning your intentions. At best, your heirs are left with the inconvenience and expense of avoidable probate expenses. Worse, any disagreements among your heirs about what your intentions would be, stubbornly defended out of loyalty to you, can leave your heirs bitterly divided and resentful.



 Comprehensive planning is generally the best approach to any task, and so it is with life and death.  Comprehensive planning now can avoid litigation costs for your loved ones.  This holds true whether you suffer an untimely disaster or live a long happy life.

 You can:


  • Direct the Distribution of your property according to your wishes.
  • Select a guardian to care for your dependents.
  • Authorize a person (usually your spouse) to handle your affairs (even sign your pay checks) while you are unable.
  • Direct your doctor concerning life prolonging care or designate who shall make those decisions if you are unable to do so.
  • Name the person who will execute your plan and direct your funeral arrangements.
  • Organize your affairs with an inventory and map the location of important property and documents.
  • Authorize or prevent the use of your organs after death.


Legal documents like wills, trusts, living wills, the durable power of attorney and health care proxy can be prepared and organized to accomplish your goals. By doing this you will create a comprehensible estate plan.



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               Very truly yours,

                          David P. Mooney, Esq.

                          Hargrove Madden, LLP

                          (978) 479-5784



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