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Are Asset Management Fees Tax-Deductible?

The question is simple. Thanks to the tax code, the answer is complex. One of the many benefits of investing in a fee-based investment program is that you pay no commissions. Thus, you avoid a common conflict-of-interest that often exists when working with financial advisors. An asset management fee...

Women Want More Article

Here is the link to a great article written by the Boston Consulting Group. It shares many of the reasons women are my favorite clients. Women are changing the world for the better, take a moment to read this article and see what women are looking for in financial...

What Your Divorce Attorney Won’t tell you about Your Money!

Women going through divorce are in an especially vulnerable position financially. At this time in their lives there are many financial decisions to be made and potentially a lump sum of money coming into their lives which needs to last. One of my passions as a financial advisor is...

4 Dangerous Misconceptions about Social Security

Misconception #1 I can rely upon my Social Security representative to give me proper advice.  Not True! Most retirees ask their friends for Social Security advice first, then call the Social Security office for advice. Now here is the problem, the Social Security representatives are prohibited from giving any...

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