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Day 2 | Sector Themes: The Rise of the Energy & Industrial Sectors
12 Days of Christmas: Themes to Know for 2017

In addition to the rise of Financials, there are two additional sector themes to know about as we head into 2017 – Energy and Industrials. Much of the improvement in both of these sectors began at the mid-point of 2016 and ultimately culminated with their ascension to some of the top spots in the 401K Control Sector Tally Ranking. Today, Energy ranks in second place (out of 11) in 401k Control , while Industrials ranks fourth. In the graphic below, notice how Energy started off the year in last place with 22 signals yet it has now risen up to second place with a total of 196 signals. This places Energy below Technology, which is in first place with 205 signals, and Energy has continued to gain signals and inch closer to Technology since the beginning of December. The journey for Energy has been anything but smooth. It saw a surge of momentum through June and July but then stalled in August and September, as it lost around fifty signals. However, it remained quite resilient and began to pick up more signals heading into and after the Election, pushing it to where it ranks today. Industrials, on the other hand, was a middling sector at the beginning of the year, as it ranked in sixth place out of 11. In the middle of the year, it ranked 8th, but it then began to pick up strength. Notice how it steadily rose in the rankings in July, August, September, and then moved into the top four by November 1st, 2016, the place in which it still ranks today.

Energy & Industrial

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