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Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA Hits Milestone

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA hit a milestone on Wednesday that some have called, “long awaited.” And if 64 days qualifies as a long wait, Dow 20k would certainly meet that standard, but in reality there are probably cricket games that have lasted nearly as long as that!...

History of the US Dollar

The US Dollar is Up

Trend since 5/4/2011 2039 Days is the longest up trend in OVER 30 Years! Average Return EFA (International Index) is +28.38% when the US Dollar is Falling:

As the First Five Days of January Goes, So Goes January, and So Goes the Year.

Were you aware? We have all heard the old market adage, “As January Goes, So Goes the Year,” but for those who haven’t heard, there is another saying that goes something like, “As the First Five Days of January Goes, So Goes January, and So Goes the Year.” Well,...

Top 50 Performing Stocks 2016 Post Election

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