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Financial Planning
Patriot will help you get there with a limited time investment on your part.

financial planning

Financial Planning: Create a Plan Aligning Your Purpose and Goals with Market Reality

To create your financial future—aligning your family, health, job and leisure goals—takes a focused, dedicated plan. If you don’t yet have a complete idea of what you want, that’s OK. Patriot will help you get there with a limited time investment on your part.

Let’s Get Started

To begin with, our fee-based approach creates an environment of trust. We always have your best ROI interests in mind. Count on that. During our initial discovery session, we cover the following checklist to ensure we have a complete picture, including retirement, legacy and sudden money:

  • Total assets (physical and monetary)
  • Liabilities and credit rating
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Cash flow and spending plans
  • Tax considerations
  • Education funding
  • Retirement planning
  • Income planning in retirement
  • Estate planning and planned giving
  • Insurance levels and risks (Life, Disability and Long-Term Care)
  • Your identification of the Top 10 things to do before you retire
  • Legacy funding desires
  • How to best manage ‘sudden money’ (see below).
Sudden Money: How to maintain your portfolio position when you receive a windfall.

The arrival of a large sum of money into your life can produce many feelings. The most common? Feeling overwhelmed. Whether this money has come from a divorce settlement, an inheritance, or other circumstances—this type of situation often produces a time of stress and financial confusion. At this sensitive juncture—good, unbiased, client-centered advice is crucial to allow this windfall to have the biggest positive financial impact possible.

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