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Social Security Strategy
social security strategy

Social Security Strategy

Baby Boomers are facing a complex decision, how to maximize their Social Security benefits. Mark A. Berube can help them make that decision.

Baby Boomers need to make wise decisions regarding their
Social Security benefits

Baby Boomers are a big group in our nation. Many will be tapping into their Social Security benefits soon, if they aren’t already. It’s important for all Boomers to make wise decisions about these incoming funds, in order to maximize the potential of this well-earned benefit. However, it’s difficult to find solid and effective guidance on the topic.

Mark A. Berube wants to change that. You can count on Mark to be your well-informed, expert and stand out choice to help you evaluate the impact timing can have on claiming your Social Security benefits. The right timing can also influence your spouse’s Social Security.

Applying For Benefits

As a financial planner, Mark specializes in helping Baby Boomers, approaching age 62, decide when to apply for Social Security benefits. Mark makes it an easy and seamless process. He is highly skilled at evaluating a client’s situation and can show them  how their decision will influence their retirement income.

With Mark on your team, you’ll have critical and helpful information going into the process—and feel more confident about where you’ll stand financially when your application process is complete.

Make an Informed Choice

Most people are surprised to learn how making the wrong timing decision can impact their earned  Social Security strategy over a lifetime.

Here are several  key factors Mark reviews with clients to help them take control of their application decision:

  • What is the full picture surrounding someone’s decision to begin taking Social Security benefits?
  • How can a client figure out spousal benefits and how they might change depending on when the other spouse begins claiming Social Security? And, how does  divorce or a death factor in?
  • How does continuing to work impact someone’s Social Security benefits?
If you have questions like these, Contact Mark Berube today for a FREE review of your retirement portfolio and an initial consult on your Social Security benefits.


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